Development Timeline

General membership search. Brunches. Get-to-know-yous. Work on vision documents.Figure out what model we are going with.
Put together marketing materials. Power-point or Prezi presentation and a brochure or hand-out.Look at possible sites, meet potential collaborators.Determine how we will commit members to the development process. Research funding opportunities to reach affordability goals.
General trainings on decision making, governance, conflict resolution, etc.Start developing business plans for certain sites.Form development entity.
Outreach in the community to make sure it’s a good fit & interested in our project.Apply for funding from different entities.
Business plan finalization.Households state which possible sites they would commit to by signing “letters of intent”.
“Committed Members” join the development.Site selection determined by particular sites reaching a critical mass of committed households.
Search for new members.Site design and creation of buildout timeline.
Finance and buy property.
Work-parties to reduce contractor costs.
Buildout (of first units or possibly all units at once) by development entity.
Do conflict-management, governance, communication, and decision making trainings, retreats & other fun stuff.Subdivide property as per model, set up reserve fund, insurance, etc.
Establish working covenants.Sell/rent/lease units.
Members work on personal units.
Move in!Finalize management entities.
Open doors!Continue construction of future units?